I’ll Believe In You (Christian Version of Elf the Musical

I don’t want a check that’s made out to cash

Or a corporate re-gift from some secret stash

I’d like some hungry people to be fed and not just two

If you can do that Santa, I’ll believe in you.

I don’t want a trip to some hair salon,

Or trendy perfume I’ll never put on

I’d like some orphans to have a good family not two,

If you can do that, Santa, I’ll believe in you.

Even though it’s been years since you’ve heard from me,

I thought it was worth a shot

If it’s true that you’re magic I guarantee

We could use all the magic you’ve got.

I can get you some cookies if that’s what it takes

I’ve heard stories and I know the deal

You just slide down the chimney and fix our mistakes

Now if only I thought you were real

If you were real

I want all diseases like cancer to be cured

And cancer is not what we want for sure

Make him part of our lives and not just passing through

If you can do that, Santa

We’ll believe in you

So good luck Santa, here’s hoping you come through

Signed Christy,

And other Christians too.